The 20 Best Small Business Websites

By Graham LeBron on Monday, November 24, 2014

In the ever changing world of the web, the importance of having a great website for your small business cannot be understated. A well designed site will drive traffic, attract visitors, and more importantly, convert them to customers.

From a captivating home page image to a useful eCommerce interface, there are a number of critical factors along the way that will determine your site's effectiveness.

Is my site responsive?

Your website’s ability to function on different devices is essential as the rise of mobile browsing continues.

Do I have powerful images that look great on a variety of screen sizes?

Investing in good photos will help elevate your brand. It can be the difference between a basic, functional site, and one that is useful and enjoyable to browse.

Do I have the right keywords so people can find my site easily in a search?

Knowing how to use Google Analytics and SEO optimization correctly will help draw your customers to you.

Can customers find what they are looking for quickly once they make it there?

Clear, useful menus and a concise amount of pages will make your site easy to navigate. Sometimes, bells and whistles are just that. Make sure features are actually helpful and not cluttering your site.

These are just a few questions every small business owner needs to ask as they evaluate their website with a look toward the future. Here are some examples of folks who got it right.

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2. &pizza

3. Andersson-Wise

4. Lancaster University

5. Kingshill Cars

6. Kavaruzova Coffee

7. Off Beat Families

8. Aura Travel

9. Zocean Hotel

10. Icehouse

11. Cycle Sports

12. Tartine Bakery

13. Little Skillet

14. Madcap Coffee

15. 18 Rabbits

16. Startup Runner

17. Blue Bottle Coffee

18. Taylor Stitch

19. Vessyl

20. The Girl and the Bull

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