The 10 Best Places to Find Creative Commons Images

By James Knutila on Sunday, November 16, 2014

Great photography can take your website to the next level, but it can be expensive and time-consuming to find. There are great creative commons image search resources available; Flickr, CC image search, and Google Images all enable you to search through thousands of images. 

Sifting through countless images is overwhelming. We’ve found it extremely helpful to keep a few high-quality, curated photo websites handy. Here are our favorites. 


Unsplash is my go-to photo resource. Browse quickly using the grid view, and click on each contributor’s name to see other photos they’ve submitted. 

Little Visuals

Little Visuals collects striking and stark images. They are tagged by subject matter, and you can sign up to have new photos sent right to you.

Jay Mantri

A simple site with 7 beautiful new photos posted every Thursday.


The images are as cool as the name of the guy who took them: Folkert Gorter. 

Public Domain Archive

Put together by a graphic designer and photographer from Athens, Georgia, Public Domain Archive is an excellent resource for free, public domain photography.

Foodies Feed

The go-to for high-quality and free food-related, creative commons photography.


A creative commons image collection with a sense of humor. 


A decent site for public domain images — attribution required. 


A smaller, but still solid, collection of free-to-use photos.

Pic Jumbo

Last but not least, Pic Jumbo is a good site that lets you browse images by category.

Keep these resources bookmarked and you'll save yourself countless hours browsing through photos. Unsplash and hundreds of other beautiful and free photos are available in the Moboom Market. All you have to do is click to use them in your site. 

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