3 Ways to Improve Your Call to Action

By James Knutila on Monday, November 10, 2014

Your website looks great -- but does it inspire readers to act? If your site just isn't delivering the results you want, your calls to action could be at fault. Spruce them up with these three easy tips.

1. One at a Time

Information (and call to action) overload is a common issue for new websites. If you're just getting started in business, it's understandable to be excited about every aspect of your company, but too many calls to action can confuse your reader and reduce your website's conversions. 

Clean up your CTAs by performing an action audit on your website. For each page on your site, summarize the actions you want visitors to take. Then choose one (and only one) and retool your copy to match. Your readers will be less confused and more likely to act.

2. Be Clear

If your website isn't converting, it could be that you're not asking for the sale. Remember to be clear and concise with each call to action. Use the shortest, most simple language you can to construct your call. Instead of saying "X is available for sale," say "Buy X." Instead of saying "Y is available for consultations," say "Contact Y for a consultation." The use of direct, active verbs won't just inspire your readers to act, it can also inspire more confidence in your business.

3. Test Everything

Asking whether you need to test your call to action is kind of like asking if you need a website. Of course you do! Testing is critical when it comes to calls to action. The effectiveness of a CTA depends on wording, positioning, and web page context, but could also be related to the strength of the actual product or service you're offering.

It's easy to test positioning and wording -- just make tweaks, then track results. Ask friends, family and colleagues to help determine the strength of your proposed product. A ruthless eye and a desire to tweak and improve will have your calls to action converting in no time.

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